Gerald McCoy Draft Shopping

Fashion is probably not the first thing on an athlete’s mind when he wakes up in the morning; or so one would think.

Draft night is unlike any other. Not only because elite athletes are all stuffed into one room, but also because the draft presents a unique opportunity for them to show off their style.

One of the most memorable draft suits caught the public eye at the 1994 NBA Draft. The Denver Nuggets selected Jalen Rose as the 14th overall pick. Rose donned a fire engine red pinstriped suit to accept his offer to enter the NBA. The suit received a lot of press and is regarded as one of the most memorable draft day attires.

So what is it about draft day that makes athletes want to wear the most eye-catching ensemble possible? Well, we don’t get it either, but Gerald McCoy sure seems to. For the past few weeks, GK has constantly been talking about his big purchase for draft day: a pair of Dolce & Gabbana glasses.

Three hours of shopping and four stores later, he finally found the perfect pair.


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