Fielder, Kinsler talk trade in 2010 commercial



The baseball world dropped a proverbial bomb on everyone on Wednesday night with the announcement that the Detroit Tigers and Texas Rangers had reached a deal that would send Fielder to Texas and Kinsler to Detroit. It was the first major offseason shakeup in Major League Baseball going into the 2014 campaign and it definitely had some people genuinely shocked.

But, we should have all seen this coming because the two of these guys had a premonition about all of this back in 2010.

Okay, maybe not this exact situation, but this find is a bit ironic still, to say the least.

Back in 2010, both Fielder and Kinsler participated in a Sunday Night Baseball commercial–when Fielder was still with the Brewers–in which the topic of trades was the basis for the whole spoof:


One thought on “Fielder, Kinsler talk trade in 2010 commercial

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